Outfit for Sailing: 5 Top Tips for All Woman Sailor

If you’re a woman who loves sailing, it’s important to have the right outfit to stay comfortable and safe on the water.

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My new addiction: The top podcast for women in 2020

After listening to a bunch of podcasts, from female entrepreneurship to true crimes, I come back with a list of my bloody favourite ones.

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Female leaders on Instagram that you must follow

Tired of homemade food photos and selfies on your feed? Here are some of the female leaders on Instagram that I strongly recommend you to follow them.

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Why do we feel guilty about changing our career paths?

Girl, I need to get something off my chest! There is no problem to change your career paths and in this brief post I shared why. Check it out!

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European summer drops: trip to Croatia

Marina Empinotti shares her trip to the idyllic haven on the Adriatic.  

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Best of June: My podcast suggestions

Craving for some good podcast to listen? I got you covered, check out my podcasts suggestions!

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