3 TED Talks presented by women that you must watch today

When I’m at home or on the way to work, I spend some time looking for inspiring or motivating videos to watch. Here I shared some of my favourite TED Talks presented by women.

Why we have too few women leaders, by Sheryl Sandberg

When I read articles or watch videos about female empowerment, I try to find things that I can bring to my daily routine, such as new habits or approach things. The first of the TED Talks presented by women that I would like to recommend is the one by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She presented 3 crucial pieces of advice to women aiming to build an exceptional career. The video was recorded a few years ago, but has valuable tips about taking ownership in a business environment.


Your body may shape who you are, by Amy Cuddy

English isn’t my first language, and sometimes I struggle to understand what people say. Talking about this topic with a friend, he mentioned that I should read people’s bodies in a way that helps me fill in what I had difficulty understanding through listening. Body language is a powerful tool, not just for more effective communication, but also for boosting confidence and creating stronger connections. In this TED Talk, the Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that “power posing” and improving your posture helps you to communicate more confidence without saying a word.


Why 30 is not the new 20, by Meg Jay

For people that have the habit of procrastination, this TED Talk is mandatory. The time to do something about the future is now, and I know a lot of twenty-somethings that are using this excuse of ’30 is the new 20′ to watch their lives go by. Clinical psychologist Meg Jay explains why our 20s is the time to educate ourselves about our options, and why this time is critical for our future development. I think it is an important message, and that’s why I decided to include this video in my list of TED Talks presented by women.


What other TED Talks presented by women would you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comment box below, I would love to hear them!



Gabriela Damaceno
Gabriela Damaceno

Gabriela is a journalist and the publisher at Vitamin Sea. She’s passionate about the ocean and sharing inspiring stories.

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