5 steps to have the relationship you want

Hey girls, happy Valentine’s Day! 💖💖💖
I’m Marselha Palermo and I’m so glad to write for you here at Vitamin Sea Blog, how exciting! And thanks to Gabe, for the opportunity!

Nowadays it seems like it is more and more difficult to have a quality, healthy relationship and when you finally find someone who you love, sometimes you have a lot of problems and you don’t know how to deal with them. Especially when the “initial passion” fades, you feel like the person that you choose has more and more things to improve than positive characteristics. Is this happening to you?

Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for several months or years, these tips can help your relationship flourish and to get what you want.

1. Communication


With technology invading our lives and more and more communication being done through a screen than ever before, so many couples have lost the art of deeply expressing ourselves to our loved ones. The best way to express what you want is through your feelings, just say what makes you happy or unhappy, instead of complaining or blaming the other person.

2. Respect

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Doesn’t matter what happen respect should be in the first place in every relationship. When you put respect first, you will breathe and you will understand what the other person is saying, instead just fighting. We all are different, and we have to respect the differences and values of each person. When you listen to your partner with attention and respect, your relationship will get better and better.

3. Trust


If you have any feelings of doubt or suspicion or negativity these need to be addressed asap, left alone they will fester and decay and only grow in size. Open communication about any doubts you have will only help to grow the trust you have in your partner, a couple that fully trusts each other have no secrets and share everything. This is trust, telling your partner all your concerns and worries so they know exactly what you’re thinking and how they can help. As my fiancée says- unasked questions don’t get answers. If you don’t believe something, just ask.

4. Goals


Without dreams, we’re just sleeping. Personally, I post my goals and dreams all around me so when I wake up in the morning I know exactly what I’m working for and it gives me both energy and inspiration to reach even harder to reach them. What goals do you and your partner have that you’re both working towards? How much inspiration do you they give to continue together?

5. Appreciation


Does your partner know special they are in your lives? When was the last time you said thank you, my love, and did something special for them you know they’d appreciate? Problems begin in relationships, not with temptation but a lack of satisfaction that pushes people to look elsewhere. Any person, happy, confident and appreciated in their relationship, has no reason to do anything to harm it and you will always get what you want from your relationship: love and be loved!

I hope you enjoy this post and get what you want from your relationship with these 5 steps. I wish you all the best and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Marselha Palermo
Marselha Palermo

Marselha is a Relationship Coach and a graduate of the Brazilian Institute of Coaching. For more than 6 years, she has been empowering women to realise more from their lives and relationships. She believes that there is always something new to learn and has undertaken training in emotional intelligence such as Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, MBTI and Leader Training.

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