5 habits to apply in June to increase productivity

Half of 2018 has already gone – and what I have done during this 6 months. This question came to my mind when I realised how fast the time is running this year. After a lot of thinking and thinking, I realised that I was struggling with productivity. My 20 hours of remote work didn’t seem enough and I was not happy with this feeling. That is why I decide to write down these 5 habits to apply in June to increase productivity. Write down and stick to them, of course!

  1. Every Sunday you should organise your week

List all your activities on Wunderlist and define your weekly shifts.  For example, Monday I will work from 1 pm to 7 pm. In the morning I will pay the rent, buy groceries and watch my fav TV series.

I like this app because you avoid forgetting to write things to do if you aren’t with your notebook. As we are always with our phone, it’s easy to include or delete tasks, and consequently, increase productivity.

2. Track all your working hours at Toggl

As a freelancer, digital nomad or self-employed professional, you must know how much time you need to execute each task. If you know exactly how many hours you use to write a blog post, it’s easier to price a customer’s project and increase your productivity.

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3. When you log in at Toggl, stick to the activity that you are working on.

I started to use this app in May and I was surprised with the result. I thought that I was working long hours. But no! So I decided to do only one task each time I logged into the app. For example, I would log in to write a blog post for one specific customer. So after I logged in, no more Instagram, Facebook or random conversations with people next to me.

4. Before finishing the work day, list all the activities for the next day

To avoid going home or lying in bed planning and going through everything that you need to do tomorrow, make a list of it before you finish the day of work.

5. Be present

The last but not least: be present. If you decided to watch a movie, don’t check your phone all the time. The same applies to meetings and other activities. Enjoy each moment that you are doing a specific activity.

Adopt these habits in June and let me know the results below! I’m curious to know how these five habits for increasing productivity worked out for you!

Gabriela Damaceno
Gabriela Damaceno

Gabriela is a journalist and the publisher at Vitamin Sea. She’s passionate about the ocean and sharing inspiring stories.

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