How to create your job opportunities in Australia

3 things that you can do NOW to bring job opportunities in Australia to you.

When I prepared my bags to move to Australia to study a course in Screen and Media on the Gold Coast, I started to read blogs and watch Youtube channels of Brazilians who already live in the country. One point they all had in common was that it would be a good idea to pack a hospitality uniform in my bag. Bills need to be paid, and when you arrive in a new country you need to take any job you can find.💸💸💸 Fair enough! But for how long?

I started to ask this question of myself many times after working 6 months as a dishwasher in a coffee shop. After long tiring shifts, I started to wonder what I really wanted from my time in Australia and whether I would still be working as a dishwasher at 40 years old, for example. The answer comes with another question: What is my main objective here? Why did I decide to move to Australia?

Gabriela working as a dishwasher for 6 months and then decided to create new job opportunities in Australia
Me working as a dishwasher

Some people come here to learn English and then go back to their home country, others move overseas to discover themselves. I decided to find a job here and expand my knowledge of online media production. Knowing what you are looking for is the first step to creating your own job opportunities in Australia.

But the language, the visa restrictions – I’m on a student visa and I can work just 20h/week –  and the lack of local experience was wearing away at my self-confidence in being able to find a job in my industry. Probably if you are reading this blog post you are feeling the same. That is why I want to share with you how I found job opportunities in Australia and how, for more than one year, I’ve been working producing online content here.


In my home country, all the jobs that I had found came through my personal network. My colleagues at University knew about a position, or a professor had a colleague in a company that was looking for people. But when you move to another country you need to build a new network and that requires time and effort.

In August, I established a new target: go to a networking event every week. Since I established this goal, I went to amazing events, like the WordCamp BNE 2018, that opened my eyes about the digital marketing industry in Australia and gave me the opportunity to get to know locals. Also, I started to participate in the WordPress Bloggers Meet Up, where I was invited to be one of the speakers at the November edition. This opportunity opened more possibilities to show my skills, increase my networking and put myself on the radar of potential recruiters.

WordCamp Brisbane 2018
WordPress Blogger MeetUp

In Australia, the best websites to look for events are Eventbrite and Meet Up


Let’s face the facts: nobody will give you your dream job before you prove that you are good at what you do. Being part of a volunteering or internship program is a great way to create your own job opportunities in Australia and show your abilities. In this country, volunteering is valued by society and the average Aussie has volunteered at least once in their life. In 2010, 36.2% of people aged 18 years and over participated in formal volunteering – 6.1 million people, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This year I applied for Workplace Volunteers at Surf Life Saving Queensland and my time there has been amazing so far. I go there once a week and do tasks related to my area of expertise. Besides the practical aspects, the time that I spend there is an opportunity to observe the Australian work culture.

If you want to look for an internship, be aware that in Australia it’s usually unpaid and students typically select the hours they spend at the office over a 2 week period. While searching for an internship that suits you, be careful with scams. There are some companies that want to take advantage of foreigners. To know more about the difference between internships and other positions, take a look on this website


Since I moved to Australia, I’ve always had a freelance job going on. As an online content producer, I can work from any place in the world where there’s an internet connection available. My customer base from my home country has made it easier. But you can also do it here, offering your services for a short period of time, as a contractor. In Australia, you can open a business as a sole trader and start to offer your services pretty fast. This year, the Consulate-General of Brazil in Sydney launched a guide to help Portuguese speakers open a business in Australia. It’s a comprehensive guide that’s worth taking a look at.

PS: When I speak about freelancing, I’m not speaking about online freelancing platforms. Fiverr, Upwork and all the others that you can find on the internet aren’t worth it in my opinion. I’ve had more success finding well paying freelance jobs with companies that I contacted personally.

I hope this blog post inspires you to create your own job opportunities in Australia! If you’ve already tried one of the 3 things that I mentioned above, share your experience in the comments below. I would love to hear about it!!!

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