Summer drops: Trip to Fraser Island

A trip to Fraser Island is to experience an incredible place of Aussie natural heritage. You must include it on your bucket list.

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Forbes releases The World’s Top 50 Women In Tech 2018

This week, Forbes released the list of the top 50 forward-thinking female technologists leading more than a dozen tech sectors across the world. 

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3 online tools to help organize your blog content

Valuable tools to keep your posts schedule consistent and optimize your time.

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Best of December: inspiring TEDx to watch

I selected my favourite inspiring TEDx to watch so you can catch up during the summer holidays and start 2019 motivated.

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How to create your job opportunities in Australia

3 things that you can do NOW to bring job opportunities in Australia to you.

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Women’s Championship Tour 2018 finale is about to start

The final event of the Women’s World Championship Tour 2018 is on hold in preparation for the pumping conditions.

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