Maya Gabeira is the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder for the largest wave surfed by a woman

The Brazilian woman surfed a wave measuring 68 feet / 20.72 metres in Nazaré, Portugal on 18th January.

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World Tourism Day – How does social media influence tourism?

In the era of hyperconnection and online interactions, how does social media influences tourism, and how can digital nomads take advantage of it? #WorldTourismDay

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3 things nobody told me about life after graduation

I wish I had known simple but fundamental things about life after graduation.

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3 TEDx Talks about time management that you need watch today

Looking for better time management? Check out these TEDx Talks about it

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Travel to Hawaii – ten days and all possible shades of blue!

Check out these amazing and helpful tips if you are planning travel to Hawaii!! By Marina Empinotti

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Fear: it can hold you back or propel you to follow your dreams

Sometimes things don’t go how we expect them to go! The fear of new challenges can lead you two ways: either it blocks you from living your dream, or it pushes you toward what you are looking for. You have the power to decide what to do with it. #vitaminsea

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