Serena Williams is the only woman in the top 100 highest paid athletes

This week Forbes released 2019 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Forbes released The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes, with the top 100 highest earner athletes. When the news pops up on my inbox, I was curious to know how many women are in The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes.

What caught my attention on that list is the fact there is just one woman in the top 100 World’s Highest-Paid Athletes: Serena Williams.

Over the past 5 years, she has invested in more than 30 startups founded by women and minorities, which is where 60% of the investments have gone so far. These companies were invested though Serena Ventures, which has a portfolio worth at least $10 million.

– She is an inspiration! –

Serena Williams on Forbes lists


The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2019


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Gabriela Damaceno
Gabriela Damaceno

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