My new addiction: The top podcast for women in 2020

Ok, I have a confession to do! Since C* shook our world, I have been spending more time at home or driving (I have been roading trip quite a bit, but it is a topic for another article hehe). For me, there’s no better feeling than be at home cooking and listening to a friendly, light and fun podcast. Gives me a sense of being with friends just chatting and having coffee or beer, depending on the time of the occasion.

After listening to a bunch of podcasts, from female entrepreneurship to true crimes, I come back with a list of my bloody favourite ones. Just a quick disclaimer here: they are not all about one topic. They represent the things that I like to listen on a daily basis, from current affairs to adventures in remote locations. So, please do a favour to yourself and give them a crack.

1.Mammamia Outloud

This one was the first podcast that I started to listen when I arrived in Australia. Basically, they talk about what women living in Australia (and the US and UK – they talk about what is happening up there). It is funny, light and informative. For example, there were when I heard about Julia Gillard, the first women to serve as a Prime Minister in Australia. It was also listening to this podcast that I realised how important it is to know what is happening around to create meaningful and engaging conversations. Back in 2017, when I moved to Australia, it was hard to connect with locals. I didn’t have the same references, as I had a pretty basic and stereotyped idea od the Aussie culture. But with that podcast, I feel that I had much more to talk about, or at least ask about the way of living Down Under. 

2.Yarns with Az and Taz

OMG! I just looooveee this podcast. Two blokes from Far North Queensland telling stories of the adventures that they lived so far. The accent, the slangs and the way to tell the stories are just the best. A quick comment about the pronunciation and slangs: during the majority of the time, I don’t quickly get what they are talking about. So, I need to listen sometimes twice, and it is so cool because I can always pick up something new that I didn’t quite understand previously. My listening skills are getting tip-top! 

3.YP Connect

Now, lets put all the gear from the blokes from Yarns with Az and Taz aside and get our corporate style on. YP Connect is a series of 6 episodes by Young Professionals Gold Coast. They talk about mentorship, mental health, the tourism industry on the region and many other topics. It is a very interesting podcast for who is somewhat related to the Gold Coast. 

Extra: The Michelle Obama Podcast

Well, if you already read some articles that I posted here, you already know that I am a super bigger fan of Michelle Obama. The podcast couldn’t be better, very knowledgeable interviews from relationship to mentoring. Just amazing! Sorry, I been such a bias about it. 

Gabriela Damaceno
Gabriela Damaceno

Gabriela is a journalist and the publisher at Vitamin Sea. She’s passionate about the ocean and sharing inspiring stories.

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